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Initial Constitutional Consultation ---------------------------------------------------------

This is a full evaluation which takes about 2 hours, reviewing all current health issues along with personal and family health history, all medications and supplements, and physical / mental / emotional constraints in daily life. In preparation for an initial consultation please fill out and send me the following forms at least 2 days before the consultation. It allows me to be better prepared and use the time of the consultation more efficiently. 

After the consultation I study your case before I make recommendations on the remedy. This may take a few days and I can call or email you with some additional questions. I welcome emails with your afterthoughts if you feel you need to add to what we discussed at the consultation. I will then call/email you with my recommendations on which remedy to take, how, where to obtain it, and when we will need to schedule a follow-up appointment.

If you are new to homeopathy and you have any concerns/questions upon taking the remedy, please do not hesitate to call or email me. This is included in the price of the initial consultation.
Follow-up consultation (less then 6 months after the previous follow-up) --------------

Follow up consultations review the response to the therapeutics and track progress; scheduled at 3 - 6 week intervals. Please allow 30-45 min for the follow-ups.
"Catch-up" consultation (more then 6 months after the previous follow-up) -----------

We schedule a full hour to catch up on what happened since the last follow-up.
Acute consultation -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------

An urgent consultation for acute problems (flu, traumas, and such…) over the phone regardless of the time spent. It is good for necessary follow-ups for the next few days. If the problem is unresolved within a few days, another charged phone call may be required. This is a fee for service, not for the time spent.

Free if they take me less then 10 minutes to answer.
Short phone calls / email questions for established patients --------------------
Call 408-844-4483 to schedule a free 30 min assessment consultation to find out if / how 
homeopathy may help you.
Assessment consultation  -------------------------------------------------------------------
Bach Remedies Initial consultation -------------------------------------------------------
Bach Remedies follow-up ---------------------------------------------------------------------
Consultations and Policies
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